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Countdown to Confetti. Day 1

Hello everyone! Today we begin the countdown to March 2021 Release by Reverse Confetti!

Stamps and Confetti Cuts for this day.

Orange Blossoms Orange Blossom Confetti Cuts

Along the dotted lines cover panel Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley Confetti Cuts

I made card using Along the dotted lines cover pane and Lily of the Valley .

At first, I stamped the bouquet and colored it with markers. Then I applied Lily of the Valley Confetti Cuts to it.

I cut the background with Along the dotted lines cover panel and added watercolor splashes.

I cut HOPE from Hope Confetti Cuts and stamped the title from Lily of the Valley

My next card with Orange Blossoms

I stamped all elements and colored it. Then I cut it with Orange Blossom Confetti Cuts

I made watercolor splashes and stamped the title on background. I placed all details and decorated my card with sequins.

Don`t forget to leave a comment on each sneak peek post for a chance to win!

Here the list of all participants

Reverse Confetti

Amy Kolling

Tricia Barber

Lisa Henke

Deanne Kuntz

Kathy Schweinfurth

Dana Joy

Jeanne Jachna

Dilay Nacar

Audrey Tokach

Tina Smith

Candice Fisher

Olga Matyushevskaya

Amy Tsuruta

Olga Moss

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